Loto Tulum


Q: What are the directions to get there?

With google maps: search for: “Loto Tulum Apartments”. We are on Calle 7 Sur between Calle 8 Sur and Calle 10 Sur. Click for Directions

Q: Is parking available?

There is free parking onsite available upon availability. There is also free parking on the street next to Loto Tulum.

Q: Transportation to/from airport?

Bus: Take the ADO bus (ADO bus to Playa and ADO bus to Tulum center)


Shuttle: We can arrange a shuttle for $120 or you can contact your own

Q: Number for Taxi?

984-106-2361, 984-125-3003, 984-176-6316

Q: Where to eat? (see map)

Seafood: Camello Jr

Pizza: Pizza Manglar

Italian: Il Bocconcino

Breakfast: El Jardin the Frida or Sonidos del Mar

Q: What to do?

Beach, Cenotes, Ruins, parks (see map or see Guide to Tulum and ideas for itineraries.)

Q: What beach(es) do you recommend?

Public: Playa Paraiso close to the Tulum Ruins

Private: Ziggy’s (free if consuming $20+ per person)

Q: Bike rentals

We provide free use of bikes upon availability and with a deposit.

There are also bike rentals nearby. See map (Soles Mayas, Kelly’s bikes)

Q: Bus terminal

See map (ADO)

Q: Pharmacies

See map (Farmacia Similares)

Q: Check in/out

Check-in: 3-9pm

Check out: 11AM

Q: Pool hours


Q: Snorkeling

  Cenotes, Tulum beaches, Sian Ka’an

Q: Car rentals

See map

Q: Motor bike rentals

Kelly’s bikes

Q: Weather conditions

Current: AccuWeather Tulum

Yearly: Weatherspark

Q: Supermarket/Grocer

See map (Chedraui)

Q: How to get to Playa:?

Taxi, bus or colectivo (see map)

Q: How to get to Beach?

Taxi, colectivo, bicycle (see map)

Q: Where can I find secluded beaches?

Sian Ka’an Biosphere

Playa Xcacel

Xpu-Ha Beach

Solimar Bay